Victoria Beckham Miracle 48 Hour Diet

Victoria Beckham Miracle 48 hour Diet

victoria Beckham miracle 48 hr diet

Look magazine report that Victoria Beckham has lost an amazing 4lbs in only 48 hours after a cleansing detox and then another 4lbs on her "new" healthy diet. Same diet she was reported to be on a few months ago - (lots of fruit, berries and vegetables such as brocolli and protein from foods such as edamame soy beans)

London Nutritionist from Foods for Life Harley Street clinic says "There's no miracle here - basically these type of detox diets tend to purge your body of water so you can appear to have rapid weight loss. Obviously if you are not eating anything the lack of calories will have an effect as well."

The Nutritionist warns that you have to be very careful with these kinds of diets. The first reason is if you have slow moving digestive system or suffer from constipation (nutritionists expect action 2-3 times a day not 2-3 times a week) then there is a risk you will just recycle any toxins released by a detox diet.

The second reason is that you could induce your body's motabolism to change to cope with a situation of starvation and famine with a sudden change in calories without support . If this happens you could end up putting on more weight more easily than ever before.

As always the London Nutritionist suggests that the best way to sustainable weight loss is to get a personalised weight loss programme from a qualified nutritionist that is tailored to your individual body and it's needs rather than the latest fad, miracle diet or diet pill


Jodi said…
What ever happened to good old fashioned exercise? I'm not opposed to a cleanse, if done correctly. (Making sure toxins get all the way through the digestive tract is key - *hint: fiber). But losing weight is about a healthy combo of everything. Eating well AND exercising regularly!

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Cari said…
what do you think about the master cleanser?