Eureka ! Fish oil - Not Made from fish! says Professor

Please tell me this is a misquote Farmers Weekly

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“People find it a bit surprising that fish oils are not made by fish. They obtain these omega-3 fatty acids from the marine algae they feed on,” noted Prof Napier.

I think what the professor means is omega 3 EPA and DHA is not made by fish it's made by algae?

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 Prof Napier said the camelina plant oil could be fed to salmon and other farmed fish, as an alternative feed source to fishmeal and fish oil from small wild fish, such as anchovies, to boost their omega-3 levels. 

Why the hell not just feed the seeds to humans? Omega 3 Hummus anyone?


Emy Watson said…
This is so much more than I needed! But will all come in use thanks!
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