World needs more healthy vegans

This January saw a vegan phenomenon as over 20,000 people signed up to veganuary the campaign to encourage people to try vegan diets.

Whilst VegfestUK continues to see record numbers of visitors to VegfestUK events ( over 10,000 to Brighton centre and London Olympia ) with an impressive number of visitors to the very first vegfest in Scotland at the SECC in Glasgow there still remains a dilemma.

The statistics are back for vegfestUK Glasgow and whilst the overall numbers were impressive  disappointingly only 8% were meat eaters.

Campaigners are quick to point out that simply replacing meat with cheese will not make the world a healthier more sustainable more ethical place so it's important to persuade vegetarians to go vegan.

However if many more meat eaters don't quickly switch onto a wholefood plant based diet chronic health diseases will continue to rise the planet is in dire jeopardy we will run out of water and there is not enough land to waste food feeding it to farm animals instead of feeding it more efficiently to people.

The follow up film to Forks over Knives - plant Pure Nation seems to be motivating and inspiring people in the USA and UK

VegfestUK shows films like this and other films duch as Cowspiracy but how are they going to attract more meat eaters to visit vegfestUK events?

Preaching to the converted won't change the world and the world needs to change fast, we are running out of time.

The polls are conclusive. When meat eaters do come to VegfestUK they  overwhelmed by the extensive choice of amazing vegan dairy free plant based foods and run out of excuses to delay going vegan

So help is needed , how do we entice more meat eaters to vegfest ?

#HalfYourPlate trended today on twitter as the Canadian Cancer Society promoted the notion of filling at least half your plate with  fruit and vegetables.

But critics say they and other diet focussd organisations need to come clean on animal products and promote not cut down but cut out