Health Professionals Health Summit at London Olympia

Health Summit for Health Professionals at VegfestUK Vegan Festival London Olympia

Free CPD for Health Professionals is on offer at London Olympia on Saturday Oct 10th 2015 for those Drs, nurses, midwives, dietitians, nutritionists and other health professionals wishing to hear myths about vegan diets debunked with evidence based science.

An array of titled nutrition and dietetic experts will be on hand to help you achieve due diligence and obligation to 'first do no harm' when advising vegetarian and vegan patients.

Presentations on latest research on vegan pregnancy and weaning, essential fats including EPA and DHA from algae, plant foods and diabetes, probiotics, plant based calcium and vegan vitamin D3, The Cresida Study, Oxford EPIC study, raw food and stress management.

SATURDAY Health Professionals Health Summit Talks Room

12:00 - Dr Emma Derbyshire - Protein and Calcium Solutions on a Vegan Diet
1:00 - Prof Tom Sanders - King's College London CRESSIDA Study
2:00 - Sandra Hood RD Yvonne Bishop-Weston BSc DipION mBANT - Safer Vegan Pregnancy & Childrens health
3:00 - Mikkel Jungersen, MSc - Probiotics and Women's health
4:00 - Dr Nina Bailey - Essential Fats and Vegan Diets
5:00 - Dr Tushar Mehta - Vegan is the Answer: What's The Question?

SATURDAY Health Professionals Health Summit Workshop Room

12:00 - Paul Appleby  - Oxford Uni EPIC Study and Vegan Findings
1:00 - Debate - Raw food vs Cooked food
2:00 - Dr Tushar Mehta & Peter Gleave - Can you reverse Diabetes?
4:00 - Brian Jacobs - Solutions for motivational strategies for encouraging healthy eating
5:00 - The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre – Stress Management

Free certificated CPD for Health Professionals will be on offer. Contact your professional body for more details.