Petition - UK Govt Pls Change NHS Eatwell Plate

The UK Eat-well Plate as used by NHS, British Heart Foundation, supermarkets, 3663 and health professionals encourages people to eat fatty, sugary foods by advising we should eat small amounts of fatty, sugary foods to have a well balanced and healthy diet.

The 7% high fat and sugary foods that Public Health England's Eatwell Plate advises us to eat is in addition to the predominantly fat rich foods found in the meat (12%) and dairy sections (15%) so that adds up to a worrying advisory 34% of your diet as saturated fat rich foods.

 Worse than that many of the depicted foods in the carbohydrate section, representing an advisory third of your diet's calories , are foods that will quickly be converted to sugar and then triglycerides and stored as fat resulting in a further fat storage burden for your body.

Please sign our petition-

Is Eatwell plate more of an Eat-ill plate?


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