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Nutritionists have long been aware of the potential of an optimum diet to improve fertility and help with healthy successful pregnancies. Statistics gathered by pre conceptual care charity Foresight show healthy childbirth success results that most IVF and fertility clinics can only dream of (up to 4 times more successful in some cases)

A new study goes one step further to prove why. Sadly it's an animal study rather than a human study but it exposes the potential mechanisms that inadequate diets provoke. It also highlights how important it is that the potential fathers adopt a healthy optimised diet, not just the mothers.

A study published in Nature Communications found that fathers with a diet deficient in folate (found in greens such as spinach, sprouts and broccoli) were more likely to have offspring with abnormalities of the head, face and sternum (breastbone) and a buildup of fluid on the brain.

Harley Street Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston who has helped may couples to have trouble free pregnancies and healthy babies since winning the baby race on LK Today Breakfast TV says "There are so many fail safe systems in the body that kick in if your body is not convinced that the 9 months of investment of nutritional resources add up in favour of a healthy mother and baby. That includes whether the men's contribution is worth the effort, the first few weeks after conception are crucial. You should start thinking about your diet month's before you start trying to conceive to make sure both parents have adequate stores of all the nutrients to ensure the baby's best possible start in life and the wellbeing of the mother both physically and emotionally"

Yvonne Bishop-Weston offers couples pre conceptual and fertility consultations in London or Beaulieu including a number of biochemical laboratory tests to check hormonal and nutrient levels prior to conception for optimum pregnancies and children's health and development.

With modern diets and lifestyles it's much more complicated than just a few multivitamins and supplements but experienced, qualified nutrition therapy advice could save you a fortune on multiple IVF attempts and help you to get things perfect first time.


Angela Navejas said…
This is really a nice blog in which you told to have a healthy foods like we can take sprouts in breakfast it is good for digestion also.

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