Studies Show WHY Meat is Bad for Health

 World Vegetarian And Vegan News: Research Begins to Find Out Exactly Why Meat is Bad for Health

Mass Muderer? Vandal?
Nutritionists and dietitians have long been aware of the link between meat consumption and chronic disease. Well they should be, even the UK Government, who inexplicably heavily subsidise the meat and dairy industry, has issued guidelines on maximum amounts of meat to eat to reduce risk of colon cancer and heart problems.

Up until recently nutrition, diet and health professionals tended to put the emphasis on eating more vegetables to increase intake of fibre and antioxidants and the protective vitamins and minerals found in veg.

They mused that vegetarians and vegans have healthier lifestyles, are less likely to smoke and have other factors in their lives that make them more prone to healthy living and longer lives.

But as scientists have tried to pinpoint in their studies and research the exact compounds in meat that thwart good health and long life they have uncovered not one but a host of potential culprits that gang up on our immune systems and overload one's body's ability to fight disease.
In the latest studies released this year scientists have been able to meticulously seperate out the risk factors in a person's diet and lifestyle and pinpoint how much or how little individual factors affect human health.

The results are damning for the meat industry. Major investors are now looking at plant based alternatives that can fulfil the public's demand for foods such as burgers and fried chicken that they've been nurtured to desire.

It seems likely that within a few years the bottom will fall out of factory farmed meat processing and packing industry market as stocks and share prices plummet from fear of litigation. The only place you'll be able to buy meat will be specialist butchers and delicatessens and it will probably have to come with a government health warning to grant legal immunity to sellers of meat and, as with cigarettes, pass on the responsibility of self harm to the consumers and users.

We predict the days when nutritionists and dietitiians change from being scared to advise you not to eat meat and dairy will soon be over. Soon nutrition and diet experts will be too scared to condone patients eating meat and dairy for fear of claims of malpractice and lack of due diligence.

Leading London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "It seems the more researchers try to prove how innocent meat is in the human diet crisis the more evidence they uncover that damns it. In the end, like the cigarette industry, the fear of litigation will change the way we eat meat forever. The price of meat is likely to quadruple as subsidies stop and a health tax on staurated fat is applied to pay for rising health care costs. Much of the livestock farming industry is already on the verge of collapse as they struggle with rising fodder and feed costs. Only the small specialist organic farms and the really huge industrial dairy farms are making any meaningful profit. We should be prepared to see a very different rural english landscape in a few years time where we grow food based on vitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant and essential fat content rather than on calorie content."


Lucas Moore said…
yes, it is true meat reduce the heart problem and stop the cancer but problem is this some people can not eat meat.

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Kathleen Sisco said…
actually this bad news serves another purpose, as protein is a more and more precious commodity. No consumable item has ever been discouraged by the economy when it is low cost/high profit as cigarettes. So the true emphasis here is to discourage meat protein consumption but in a way that appears to be the idea of the consumer.
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