Natural Products Europe to Create Health Manifesto

Yvonne Bishop-Weston Nutritionist London: Vegan Diet Key Ingredient in Recipe for Healthier Nation says London Nutritionist

Yvonne Bishop-Weston Nutritionist London 

Yvonne will be debating the key ingredients for a recipe for health for the UK at Natural and Organic Products Europe at London Olympia this Sunday.

Yvonne says one of the main ingredients for a healthier UK should be a move towards a more vegan diet.

"Research from Oxford University shows to achieve optimum health we should be eating 8 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day. It's at this point researchers see a dramatic reduced risk of preventable diseases such as coronary heart disease - one of Europe's biggest avoidable killers.

 Dr Chris Etheridge
Lisa Gawthorne
Yvonne Bishop Weston
Chaired by Simon Wright
As debate rages about how to deal with Britain’s ‘health time-bomb’ our panel of leading health professionals, nutritionists and researchers come together to offer the natural healthcare sector’s perspective on the ‘Health of The Nation’ debate.

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Yvonne will be appearing again at Olympia London later in the year at Vegfest UK who are currently offering a buy one get one free ticket offer for National Vegetarian Week