Ex Vegan's Book Meat Fix 'Dangerous+ Deluded'

I ditched ‘healthy’ vegan diet for meat and went from fatboy to slim | The Sun |Woman|Health|Health

New book by a delusional ex vegan today tries to convince Sun readers that's it's not the fact that his new diet ditches starchy carbs, sugar and sugary foods and processed foods that helped him lose the weight and cure his IBS.

Neither was it the increased intake of green leafy veg.

No,  poor deluded John Nicholson flies in the face of scientific study and ubiquitous research and claims "It's the meat wot fixed me!"

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "of course everybody is different but sugary, sugar rich, starchy foods can feed the bad bacteria that can agravate IBS / Irritable bowel sydrome. It would be very unusual to find eating meat had helped cure his IBS and lose weight without serious dietary changes and a course of some specialised beneficial bacteria loaded probiotics that will re-populate the gut. Probiotics need pre-biotic fibre to flourish and meat doesn't have that."

"Although the goverment's 5 a day message is a little conservative (research shows you need more like 8 portions of vegetables a day to see health benefits ) along with advice about minimising meat intake it's much more backed up by science and research."