Time Magazine Mother Breastfeeding baby son, 3

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London Nutrition expert Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "It's absurd the fuss made over breast feeding whilst adults think nothing of happily drinking suckling milk of another species, perhaps time out should make their next cover a man crouching down under a lactating cow and suckling on the cow's udder to highlight the ludicrous and warped double standards"

Perhaps it's more to do with jealous husbands and farmers who envy their children extra access to their wife's body?

Yvonne says "an infant needs omega 3 DHA up until the age of 5 for optimum development - breast milk is a good source of essential fats, it makes sense. If you can't face the social stigma try omega 3 DHA from algae"

Mad Cow Disease

Most of us would do much better without dairy and dairy products. There is now a wealth of scientific study that implicates milk and cheese as a contributory risk factor in many of the major preventable diseases that plague our society and kill people younger than necessary.

Congratulations to Time Magazine for opening this debate and confronting people's hypocrisy head on, in their face, on the newsstands.

 London Nutritionist - Institute of Optimum Nutrition - BANT - Nutritionist in London