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Special offer deal Vegetarian Omega 3 DHA
If you haven't seen or read anything about the benefits of fish oil the what do you read?

Omega 3 rich fish oil has been credited with curing almost everything except a cure for the common cold - diabetes, heart disease, altzhiemers, ADHD, Autism, depression, weight loss, even improving sports performance.

There are however a number of drawbacks with fish oil, particularly cod liveroil that you normally find on the high street shelves.

  1.  Toxins - Because the seas and oceans are now so contaminated toxins such as mercury and PCBs and a host of other chemicals regularly feature as a hazard in fish and in fish oil. It's a few years since products were removed from shelves for illegal levels of mercury, but who's checking? Have the seas got betteror worse?
  2. Purity - Cod liver oil is mostly mono and saturated fats not omega 3 DHA so most of what you are paying for is more of the oils that we typically we have an eccess of.
  3. Sustainability - International fish stocks are now at a record low and marine biology and various oceanic ecosystems are facing collapse.
  4. Ethics - You may not care about cod but it's not just fish that get caught in massive modern factory fishing methods. Dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles are all at risk from modern industrial fishing methods.
Vegetarian Vegan approved Omega 3 Pure DHA EPA from algae is a sustainable, mercury free, effective, pure, ethical, alternative to Omega 3 DHA from fish.

National Vegetarian Week Half Price Special Offer Deal on Vegetarian / Vegan Omega 3 DHA

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week Foods for Life are offering the chance to buy a leading brand of vegetarian omega 3 DHA EPA at half price - Buy Two - Get Two Free a doubly good BOGOF offer.

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