McDonalds Spotlight by Frugal Dad

How Happy is the Meal You’re Paying For (Infographic) | Frugal Dad

You could argue that McDonalds are only providing customers what they want, if they provide fruit kids don't eat it. But this is about what is the acceptable norm. Our culture has become at odds with nature, instead of survival of the fittest it's survival of the sickest. McDonalds should take responsibility for the part they've played in the obesity, heart disease, diabetes and altzhiemer's epidemics of this and the next generation. McDonalds should use their awesome marketing skills and powers of persuasion to save our children from the preventable chronic diseases that blight the world - they need essential fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants - not sugar and fat.

More and more parents are bringing up their children to think that McDonalds are evil. With knowledge comes responsibility, the facts and research is out there, the libel cases being fought- if McDonalds don't now take responsibility sooner or later they will be held responsible and no amount of nifty lobbying and devious state legislation will save them.