Vegans Low Cholesterol High In Triglycerides ?

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Plantarians, Vegetarians who avoid dairy and vegans should all enjoy lower than average cholesterol levels but it seems that vegans are not necessarily immune to high trigyceride levels which can be just as damaging. Alcohol, sugary foods and a diet rich in simple carbohydrates, as well as a lack of sufficient exercise, all contribute to higher tryglyceride levels.

London Nutritionist from Foods for Life Health and Nutrition clinic in London's Harley Street and author of The UK Vegetarian Society's V Health program says "Vegetarians and Vegans should never be complacent, better than average is no guarantee of optimal health and vegans are equally bound by the rules of 'whole food not half food, slow food not fast food' like the rest of us. A diet of vegan beer, vegan wine, vegan cupcakes, vegan ice cream, veggieburgers, chips, pizzas and sugar and fat drenched Chinese food will have almost as many detrimental effects to the body as a meat eaters' equivilent diet."

"We don't have to worry about sources of vegetarian omega 3 DHA and EPA essential fatty acids anymore as these are now abundantly available made from sustainably farmed algae but supplements can never match the benefits of a good diet. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre essential fats all work in such an interactive synergystic way it's generally better to leave it up to nature, just remember variety is the spice of life."

"There's some evidence to suggest that a little red wine is less harmful than other alcohol but all alcohol is a toxin to the body and while the liver is dealing with alcohol it can't be processing fats so  fats are even more likely to be stashed as body fat

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