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New report suggests raw meat could be safer than cooked meat

EATING overcooked meat is twice as likely to cause cancer than previously thought, scientists warned last night.

The new alert over the ­hidden dangers of a roast dinner or cooked breakfast means the nation is unwittingly putting itself at serious risk of developing the deadly disease.

The dark crust formed on the outside of a well-done steak or joint of red meat more than doubles the risk of intestinal tumours, researchers have found. Frying and grilling are particularly risky because the intense heat turns the sugars and amino acids of muscle tissue into high levels of cancer-causing compounds.


raju ahamad said…
People are largely effected on cancer. Everyday the patients are increasing. This is the most shocking news for us because most of the people of the world are eating meat.
So we must be careful when we eat this.
kaney said…
A healthy diet is much more fuel for the body, not only help you fight disease, but will keep you looking young and active. Typically, men love their meat and fatty foods often, and this affects their health in a big way. Healthy eating for people with eating the right foods and maintain ideal body weight through exercise.

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