Vitamins and Minerals under Attack

Most 'wasting money on health supplements' finds NHS report - Telegraph

Be prepared to see much more of this!

The government should be be very wary about joining the pharmaceutical industry lobbiests led hypocritical war on nutritionists, supplements and herbal remedies whilst they sit by and do relatively nothing to quell the nations dependency on nutrient depleted processed foods. They clearly think people are stupid, and will trust an institution that condones catering by Burger King in Hospitals and spends an annual fortune on laxatives over and above personal recommendation and succesful personal experience. One look at hospital food is enough to verify the extent of the NHS practical expertise and competance in the field of applied nutrition.

This phoney criticism of the dangers of vitamins, minerals anti-oxidants and essential fats will eventually backfire on the perpetrators of this media onslaught as eventually, enevitably someone will ask the question of how it is that so many ineffective and detrimental drugs end up costing the taxpayer so much money for so little relief whilst so many people have experience of simple, practical and far more effective nutritional solutions to their health problems.

It's no wonder Pharmaceutical companies are running scared and on the offensive, Doctors are increasingly in charge of their own budgets so are now far less likely to be swayed by all expenses paid foreign trips and new computers in exchange for recommending expensive designer solutions for erectile dysfunction when all their patients really need are more fruit and vegetables in their diet.

Nutritionists are having the tools of their trade taken away, gagged from talking in public about what they do, have goal posts moved every few months, yet still they continue to win patient hearts on merit and by recommendation because they get practical results for so many patients who have previously only experienced failure.

Be scared big pharma, be very very scared, your lies, hypocrisy and political skuldugery are leaving the public ever distrustful of your commitment to public health and seeing your motives exposed as pure naked greed for power and money at any cost.


Big Pharma should be ashamed of themselves for what they are trying to do in this country. The only ones that should be more ashamed are the greedy, incompetent politicians who allowed it.
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