British Heart Foundation Phoney Diet

The British Heart Foundation have lashed out at a diet claiming to be a BHF diet. Some might say a bit rich considering the fairly non-committal dietary advice usually dished out by BHF , but this fake BHF diet is particularly bad and includes items that even the UK govt warns against eating.

BHF senior heart health dietitian, Victoria Taylor, said:
“Apart from being wholly unappetising with the likes of two frankfurters with a cup of cabbage and half a cup of carrots for a meal, this ( bogus BHF ) diet is so restrictive in terms of the range and quantity of food that it lacks a number of nutrients we need to stay healthy.
“The lack of fibre means followers could develop constipation while long-term use could also leave you deficient in calcium and iron, which can result in fragile bones and teeth and feeling constantly tired and lethargic if left unchecked.
“Most people are likely to lose largely water and some muscle, rather than the fat they really want to shed on this kind of crash diet. Over time, the muscle loss can be bad news as it means that the rate your body burns calories, whether active or resting, can actually slow down – the last thing dieters want.
Yvonne Bishop-Weston Leading UK Nutritionist and Health Consultant claims the trouble is most dieters suddenly reach a crisis point and want quick fix solutions and don't dare think about the consequences.
Yvonne says;
"Most diet products are trying to tie you in for ever in a catch 22 situation of carry on or gain weight again.
"Vary rarely is there any scientific basis for these diets, or if there is it is short term and completely forgetting that it defies the individual body's inbuilt natural instincts and can often increase risks of chronic diseases"
"Low Fat products are often full of cheap sugar or artificial sweeteners, Low Carb products are often full of cheap fat and devoid of natural soluble fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants."
The Dukan diet tries to skip round the failings of The Atkins diet with spoonfuls of oatbran (hmm.. Yum Yum) but still fails to reach the eight a day portions of fruit and vegetables shown in a recent major study by Oxford University that you need to dramatically reduce the fatal risks of heart disease."
It seems the best way of achieving a long term solution for a weight loss diet that is sustainable, practical and healthy is to visit a qualified, experienced, competent nutritionist who can work out exactly what your body needs to be optimally fit and healthy and how to fit that into your normal busy working schedule.
The harsh truth there is no simple, easy, yet to be discovered, quick fix solution to years of nutritional abuse of your body, if it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. Your body needs real food, complete food, natural food, not the latest patented gimmicks. You also need to exercise to build muscle and yes that requires protein but not the sort of protein that is processed and comes free with spoonfuls of saturated animal fat and dietary cholesterol. Most importantly you need to deal with stress and the effects of stress on your hormones and immune system a positive outlook and motivation is the first hurdle to sustained weight-loss" warns Yvonne
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