New Study: 22% less Heart Disease risk - EPIC Study: Heart Disease, 8 Fruit & Veg a Day = 22% reduced risk

Published today in the European Heart Journal

Data analysed from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) Heart study has shown that people who ate at least eight portions of fruit and vegetables a day had a 22% lower risk of dying from IHD than did those who consumed fewer than three portions a day.

This study involved over 300,000 people in eight different European countries, with 1,636 deaths from IHD.

Professor Sir Michael Marmot, director of the University College London (UCL) International Institute for Society and Health, head of the UCL Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, and chairman of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health, writes separately “Such an odds ratio is of huge practical importance. Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death. A reduction of 22% is huge. But... this reduction in mortality comes with consumption of eight portions a day, or 640g. Such a high consumption was found in only 18% of the men and women in these eight cohorts. There would need to be big shift in dietary patterns to achieve this healthy consumption of eight portions a day. It is worth trying to move in that direction. Reductions in cancers of several sites, in blood pressure and stroke, would add to this reduction in fatal CHD. Moving to a diet that emphasises fruit and vegetables is of great importance to public health.”


That is very interesting news. Though it may be difficult for Americans to exercise a diet with this much vegetables and fruit. Definitely, fruits and vegetables make us feel more satisfied overall. A diet that tends to be more focused on what makes us more satisfied may be more healthy, than those that focus on immediate drops in weight. Dr. Michael Snyder, author of Full: A life Without Dieting, tells us about this phenomenon: Full: A Life Without Dieting.
nigel said…
Eat a salad with one cup of your favorite leafy greens. Toss in a cup of your favorite fruit or vegetables like bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, garbanzo or kidney beans, sliced pears, or canned pineapple for a total of three more servings.
Diet is very important to long term health. There needs to be much more education about this. I feel that one of the best places that we can start is our educational system. Introduce children to good habits and it will last a lifetime.