Review health professionals Diet IQ Says Nutritionist

A number of leading human health charities seem to lag behind the current nutrition thinking based on the latest research and studies.

There is no doubt the key to success lies in dramatically increasing the amount of plant foods in our diet. A new film Planeat provides evidence that confirms this.

You don't have to call yourself vegan or vegetarian to be healthy but you should  follow the plant eaters lead to dramatically  reduce the amount of meat and dairy from the level that's found in the average western diet.

"We need to move from a calorie dense diet to a nutrient dense diet. Calorie counting is a smokescreen, if you focus instead on nutrients you'll find yourself feeling more satisfied and less likely to crave food that has absolutely no worthwhile nutritional advantage to offer your body" says London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston.

"We need a review of the way government and health professionals look at food and health - their ambivalence towards nutritional therapy and optimal health is costing the world billions of pounds of public funds as the world gets more obese, more diabetic, more riddled with heart disease, more cancerous"

"I would mention more infertile too but I think they honestly consider that a self limiting solution!"

Planeat the movie provides research and evidence of a plant based dairy free diet that may reverse the effects of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers

This is at odds with Cancer Research UK who allege on their website that "Strict diets such as macrobiotic or vegan diets do not contain dairy or animal products. This can stop you getting enough nutrients for your body to work properly"

Cancer research suggest that "You may become short of calories, vitamins, calcium, protein, and iron"

Planeat provides evidence to support a completely contrary statement "you may become short of life if you eat too much meat and dairy"

Planeat's evidence also contradicts dietary advice from Leading anti cholesterol related disease charity, Heart UK whose 'Best Choices' include Lean pork, ham, lamb, beef. Extra lean minced beef. Liver & kidney FH.Chicken & turkey without skin. Veal,venison, rabbit, game." should be eaten 1-2 times a day dairy should be eaten 2-3 times a day


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