Cloned Meat: Which? News

Cloned Meat: Our view - October - 2010 - Which? News:

Would you eat cloned meat or dairy. You may have already - it's legal in the USA and there are no rules to label it as containing cloned genes. This is GM food at the next level.

WHICH? Discusses the pros and cons

Are there safety concerns around eating cloned food?

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded that there are no new food safety issues raised by the use of clones or their offspring, compared with food from other animals. But the EFSA highlighted that there was limited data to assess the implications of cloning and could only give an opinion for cattle and pigs.


scott said…
Wow! It didn't even enter my mind whether or not I was eating cloned food. I will have to research this further. Thanks for the information.
Tara & Steff said…
Ew! I saw this on a shared link on Facebook the other day. I'm so glad there are so many educated/caring people looking out for everyone! Good stuff :)