Bill Clinton vegan for heart health + weight

Bill Clinton vegan for heart health + Weight: In an interview to promote CGI , Clinton Global Initiative, Bill Clinton reveals he's been trialling a plant based diet for weight loss and improving his heart health following trials he's seen where over 80% of the subjects have seen improvements in heart health markers.

He says the trial started in 1986 and he wants to join the "experimenters" in trialling the plant based diet to see if it can make a difference to his health. His traveling means he occasionally eats fish but he's says he is quite strict about his diet and it's vegan where ever practically possible.

Harley Street Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "Bill Clinton quotes statistics of an 82% success rate in improving heart health markers on the plant based diet trial. Pharmaceutical industry funded drug researchers would bite your arm off for results like that!"

"News like this puts even more pressure on government, NHS and schools to take projects such as Eat More , 5 a day, Meat Free Mondays and similar initiatives a little more seriously. Obviously it's not that simple but it's a good start to replacing nutrient depleted calorie dense refined processed food in our diet with nutrient packed fresh plant based foods"