B Vitamins help halt Alzheimer’s

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It's long been known amongst nutritionists of the detrimental effects of elevated homocysteine levels on heart health and the nervous system. It's also known that the solution is simple - putting back the B vitamins that are refined and processed out of the modern diet.

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A total of 168 participants (85 in active treatment group; 83 receiving placebo) completed the MRI section of the trial. The mean rate of brain atrophy per year was 0.76% [95% CI, 0.63–0.90] in the active treatment group and 1.08% [0.94–1.22] in the placebo group (P = 0.001). The treatment response was related to baseline homocysteine levels: the rate of atrophy in participants with homocysteine >13 µmol/L was 53% lower in the active treatment group (P = 0.001). A greater rate of atrophy was associated with a lower final cognitive test scores. There was no difference in serious adverse events according to treatment category.

Conclusions and Significance

The accelerated rate of brain atrophy in elderly with mild cognitive impairment can be slowed by treatment with homocysteine-lowering B vitamins. Sixteen percent of those over 70 y old have mild cognitive impairment and half of these develop Alzheimer's disease. Since accelerated brain atrophy is a characteristic of subjects with mild cognitive impairment who convert to Alzheimer's disease, trials are needed to see if the same treatment will delay the development of Alzheimer's disease.

The Solution is Too Simple

“The dogma is strong (amongst Alzheimer’s research community) and there is money involved,” said Professor Smith, one of the authors. “If it is not produced by the pharmaceutical companies, you have a hard time getting funded.”


Matt Maresca said…
Interesting, but I'm always skeptical of the claims resulting from these studies. Sure B vitamins are beneficial, but so are pretty much all the others. Does that mean we should go out and take a supplement for each vitamin to make sure we get enough boost? No, I think a simple multivitamin will do the trick.
You are right it's not just B vitamins it's a host of vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and essential fats and amino acids we need to keep our vital organs healthy.

Simple (cheap) multivits are not the answer EG ascorbic acid is not true vitamin C. Therapeutic strength synergistic blends of food derived vitamins are good crisis management

Long term it's better food we need to focus on - so much of the food we eat has had all the nutrients refined and processed out of it for the sake of a longer shelf life and manufacturing requirements.
Al said…
Interesting how B vitamins are getting so much attention now and for such a wide range of health benefits. The science seems to make sense, though. But like all these reports, the bottom line always seems to be a healthy, well-balanced diet, with some supplements as needed.

Great blog, the way!
Kate Park
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