Jamie Oliver and Nutritionists furious: Junk Food Back in Schools

Jamie Oliver furious as ConDems allow junk food back in schools - mirror.co.uk: Education minister Nick Gibb revealed to MPs that "new academies will not be required to comply with nutritional standards for school meals. They will be free to promote healthy eating and good nutrition as they see fit.'

A Jamie Oliver spokesman said: "He hopes the new academies will take the current nutritional standards as the correct approach. Clearly it's a huge concern that the decision will be made by each academy, opening the doors to the bad old days of reclaimed meat shapes and chips every day."

London Nutritionist
Yvonne Bishop-Weston says that "Allowing junk foods and ditching new nutritional guidelines is a much more worrying backward step by the Government than the furore over free milk. There was still more work to be done on in improving school meals so to hear that the ConDems have condemned nutrition standards in schools exposes their naivety."

Following the news that the David Cameron had embarrassed the Education Department and Minister Nick Gibb by making a U turn on free school milk the London Nutritionist told BBC Three Counties Radio "Saturated fat milk was a great way to fatten up the nation after the war but it has less relevance for today's obesity plagued nation. What's more important is teaching parents, children and teachers the importance and benefits of good nutrition, the nutrients in food that can help prevent disease and why many of the foods in the modern diet have no relevance in a healthy diet."


Love Jamie Oliver! What a great guy. Can't believe our school food systems are so messed up. We really need to change what we're feeding our kids - they are the future of our country and our world.