Nestle's Obesity Summer Swindle

The Nestle Press Release says

"Nestlé is offering families the chance to try out one of 37 different activities for free at more than 4,600 venues. With activities ranging from martial arts, swimming, dancing, paint–balling and scuba diving, the Get Set, Go Free promotion gives families the opportunity to attend a free activity session or lesson. Since 2006, 1.6 million activity sessions have been given away. Families can take part by collecting points on a wide range of Nestlé family favourites, including Kit Kat®, Cheerios® and Nesquik® on promotional packs available in July and August"

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "That would all be great were it not for the fact that unsurprisingly you can only get the points by eating sweets that are full of calories but practically empty of any useful amounts of nutrients. That's the real cause of the obesity epidemic, food rich in calories rather than food rich in nutrients. It would be interesting to calculate how many nutrient depleted Nestle calories you have to consume, and the relevant extra body fat that would result in , to entitle you to an activity and then compare it with calories burnt up by the activity. I strongly suspect the nation is being duped into thinking that Nestle are trying to help and that the net result of this marketing campaign will be net weight gain and add to the childhood obesity problem not alleviate it."


Sancia said…
Very ironic coming from Nestle. Great post, thanks for sharing!