Calorie Counter - Easter Eggs

Calorie Counter - Easter Eggs:

Many thanks to The Sun for their "Here's how long it will take you to walk off your Chocolate Easter Egg favourites" ...

Mars ... choccy

Mars Milk Chocolate Egg with two full-size bars, 89p

1,873 calories = A walk of six hours, 25 minutes

Yum ... Cr�me Egg

Cadbury Cre�me Egg with two extra milk chocolate eggs, 89p

1,034 calories = A walk of three hours, 45 minutes

Smarties ... scoff
Smarties ... scoff
Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Egg with mini eggs inside, �4.15

3,096 calories = A walk of ten hours, 30 minutes

Flake ... lovely

Cadbury Flake Egg with four small milk chocolate Flakes, 89p

916 calories = A walk of three hours, five minutes

Street ... Quality

Nestle Quality Street Egg with a bag of Quality Street, �2.29

2,770 calories = A walk of nine hours, 25 minutes