BBC Panorama - The hunt for healthy food for children

BBC News - Panorama - The hunt for healthy food for children

 Panorama - Children's food expose Tremendous expose of children's food and tricks currently being used to dupe parents.

Cow & Gates excuse for the high sugar in their follow on milk was a study that showed high protein children's diets lead to obesity.

However what the study actually reveals is that too much meat and dairy can lead to obesity and certainly NOT that sugar is better than fat and protein!

The study from the Research Institute of Child Nutrition revealed

The ages of 12 months and 5-6 y were identified as critical ages at which higher total and animal, but not vegetable, protein intakes were positively related to later body fatness.


Linda said…
nice post.. we should really double or even triple check the kind of food that we give our children...
"Guppy" Honaker said…
That is so typical of the food industry - add lots of sugar (or salt such as in typically over-salted french fries) but blame health issues on anything else.

- David

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