Must Have Cookbook This Christmas

Must have addition to a cookbook shelf : Formally the domain of eccentric celebrities, now polititions, business men such as Richard Branson, and mainstream health professionals are recognising the benefits of eating less meat for both optimal health and the environment.

It's getting to the stage where you'll soon be branded a food fascist or culinary racist if you can't provide a delicious and innovative healthy vegan dish at your restaurant.

The chance of a vegan guest at your Christmas celebration or dinner party is now greater than at any time in history - there has been a massive surge in interest in vegan diets and swanky new vegan restaurants such as Saf in London have helped to destroy preconceptions about limitations on cooking with plant foods.

If you are thinking "where do I start" then this cookbook is the book for you. If your friends are frightened by cooking without meat then this is the cookbook for them.

If you you are short of a Christmas Present for someone this cookbook may bring a sigh of relief to someone with a hole on their kitchen shelf.


TeDWooD said…
That book must be an interesting read.
We all know healthy eating is important. I have done a blog about the benefits of fruit but in this case a banana