World Diabetes Day 14th November

A cure for Diabetes?

Take 6 people and reverse their diabetes just through Diet?

We live in a crazy world where many people consider Nutritionists to be like witch doctors - our faith in modern medicine is all consuming but "the facts", "the truth" doesn't add up to optimum health.

Drugs are killing people.

Processed food is killing people.

If you really want to get well then try this approach, if it doesn't work what have you got to lose? You'll still be on the drugs. You'll still be ill.

If it does work, with the supervision of your doctor you can gradually wean yourself off any drugs that you don't need any more.


We just has someone in the family diagnosed with diabetes and it is interesting to see how eating the correct diet can effect blood sugar levels. You can see the effects within hours of eating when you do your next blood test.
Susie said…
Amen! If there's nothing to lose then why not try it! It comes out cheaper that way in the end. And that's the root of it all. Money. Heaven forbid we get wind of watching out diet and health. The junk food and drug industry would go bankrupt!
I just did a 30 day carnivore challenge with my boyfriend, where he went vegan (or plant-based) for 30 days. His numbers (lipid panel) post 30 days were amazing!! I am a full believer in food being medicine... not drugs.
Great post - processed foods and drugs are the leading causes of death in America.

Better get someone to protect us from those promoting nutrition!

But with so much evidence showing that nutrition reduces your risk of every disease we know of, there are big industry players who want to keep misinforming others to make a profit.

How will they profit with a bunch of healthy vegetarians and vegans out there?