Fish Don't Protect Against Heart Attacks

Fish Don't Protect Against Heart Attacks: Study
Intake of very long chain n-3 fatty acids from fis...[Eur J Heart Fail. 2009] - PubMed Result

In this study the author's claim no protection against heart attacks from eating fish. (Full text)

In a previous study it's claimed fish do have a protective effect on Atrial fibrillation although it differentiates between tuna, broiled or baked fish and fried fish or 'fish burgers'.

It seems thus the key to confusion is the fat not the fish. As with studies on Flax oil, if it's pure and encapsulated it provides degrees of success - baked in muffins with fat and sugar it appears impotent.

It is logical that the high levels of saturated fats in fish, with any essential fats left to oxidise, laced with potential toxins from polluted oceans and unhealthy fats introduced through cooking may undermine any theraputic benefit of the EPA and DHA in fish.

The solution to balancing long chain essential fatty acid levels in the body which are undisputedly needed for the intergity of every cell membrane is perhaps best addressed by sustainably grown, unpolluted new strains of algae that can provide both pure EPA and DHA for theraputic use.

New plant oils such as Echium found to be far more effectively converted in the body into EPA than flax oil may also prove to be invaluable as the oceanic ecosystems are gradually destroyed by overfishing.

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