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organic food- truth about health and the Food Standards Agency ReportSoil Association response to the Food Standards Agency's Organic Review

I'm still at a loss at how the FSA reached their decision when you read their report carefully, despite the biased nature of the report, it still manages to identify major benefits of organic foods.

Obviously a major concern amongst consumers buying organic is to avoid xenoestrogens, toxins and other potential residue contaminants in conventional crops

The FoodStandard's Agency study on Organic Foods admits

1. This review does not address contaminant content (such as herbicide, pesticide and fungicide residues) of organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs.

It is well proven that (most probably due to modern conventional farming and harvesting methods) average nutrient levels in food have reduced in recent years. It's suspected that the McCance and Widdowson data that nutritionists use could be hopelessly out of date for use as a therapeutic tool. Despite this studies as early as 1958 have been used by the FSA in the meta study.

The FSA study on Organic Food admits

2. Based on 162 relevant articles published, in peer-reviewed journals since 1st January 1958

The FSA meta study did find differences in important nutrient values The FSA study on Organic Food admits

3. Significant differences in content between organically and conventionally produced crops were found in some minerals (nitrogen higher in conventional crops; magnesium and zinc higher in organic crops),phytochemicals (phenolic compounds and flavonoids higher in organic crops)

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "We have many clients in clinic displaying symptoms of magnesium deficiency and Zinc is very important for helping with infertility problems which are on the increase. It's been shown anti oxidants such as flavonoids have an important role to play in protecting the body. It's misleading for the FSA to suggest food with higher amounts of these nutrients is of 'no importance' for optimal health."

In adition to disqualifying a major new EU study on organic foods the FSA also admits

4. Studies were also disqualified from inclusion if they were primarily concerned with non-nutrient contaminant content (cadmium, lead and mercury)


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