Swine Flu Mutates - H1N1

Swine Flu mutates - Terminator 10 - H1N1
Twitter / Yvonne Bishop-Weston: Swine Flu Mutates

Scientist's predictions have come true. They predicted that this Autumn / Fall Swine Flu would begin to mix with other flu strains and mutate into something more virulent.

"However the nightmare scenario of a Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 10 style virus seems to becoming a reality ahead of time" says nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston "with our the integrity of our immune systems compromised by our poor diet and lifestyle this was inevitable"

The Adolfo Lutz Institute in Sao Paulo Brazil Have claimed the prize as the first to spot Swine Flu H1N1 mutating into a genetic variant of the disease.

Bishop-Weston, Nutritionist London warns "It takes a few months to optimise a body's immune system so it's now or never if you want to maximise your chances of surviving this winter. Book an appointment with an experienced qualified professional clinical Nutrition therapist now"