5 a Day - Are you getting enough?

naked nutrition 5 a day vegan pics for national vegetarian week
5 a Day Are you getting enough? Tibit's restaurant in Picadilly London launched a National Vegetarian Week campaign today to encourage people to get their 5 a day.

Vegetarian model Juliet was transformed into Eve - an artistic 5 a day installation in tibit's window on Heddon street. Paparrazzi cameras clicked as Juliet took a bite from one of her 5 a day portions - a big juicy red apple that Adam would have been proud of.

tibit's are on a mission to prove that plant foods can be indulgent and sexy and shake off the preconcieved ideas of vegetarian food that some long in the tooth city chefs still cling to.

On thursday tibits plan to elabourate on this theme with a National Vegetarian Week breakfast event for journalists that showcases the top vegetarian products from around the UK. To be added to guest list (Journalists) please visit Tibits National Vegetarian week Event