Mars - National School Nutrition Spin

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Mars Snackfood Urges U.S. Congress to Update National School Nutrition Standards - "Mars has worked with the Alliance to encourage the adoption of new school nutrition guidelines that follow the 35-10-35 formula. " --- "which means that snackfoods sold in schools would have no more than 35 percent of calories from fat, 10 percent from saturated fat, and less than 35 percent sugar by weight."

WOW! No more than 35% of calories in the diet from fat and 35% of sugar by weight - that leaves how much for protein and fibre and vegetables ??????? How Noble!

Not sure our Nutritionists would agree that's healthy - about a quarter of your plate left as complex carbs and protein (vegetables?)??

I don't think the Nutritionists will be jumping up and down with glee to support that bit of legislation.