Weight Gain is as Dangerous as Smoking | My City Link

Weight Gain is as Dangerous as Smoking | My City Link

unless you are having a baby weight gain can be dangerousA new study by Oxford University claims obesity is as dangerous to health as smoking.

Epidemiologist Dr Gary Whitlock of Oxford University, who led the analysis, said: ''Excess weight shortens human lifespan.

"In countries like Britain and America, weighing a third more than the optimum shortens lifespan by about three years.

"For most people, a third more than the optimum means carrying 20 to 30kg of excess weight. If you are becoming overweight or obese, avoiding further weight gain could well add years to your life.''

Sara Hiom of Cancer Research UK said: "Moderate obesity is becoming worryingly common in the UK and these factors combined are great cause for concern.

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "It's not just the reduction in years of life that people should worry about it's the quality of life that is causing so many problems. Science has come so far forward that increasingly Doctors are keeping us alive but at what cost?"

"Elder generations are suffering from modern non life threatening plagues that can make life truly miserable . Arthritis, osteoporosis, altzhiemers, stroke, diabetes can make life distressing not just for the sufferers but for those around them too."

Much of the suffering is preventable, early detection is vital to avoid the worst and most painful symptoms of these diseases.

A good nutritionist can not only optimise your body to boost your immune system and reduce the risk of disease but also test for very early signs and risk.