Vegan diet - birth defects

Vegan diet increases the risk of birth defects, scientists warn - Telegraph:

Once again a spectacular Telegraph headline is dreadfully misleading. There is no reason why you can't get adequate vitamin B12 on a vegan diet. This is not about vegan diets this is about bad modern diets.

Harley Street Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "It's easy to get B12 in a vegan diet - in fact vegans are so aware of the need for the vitamin B12 having had it drummed into them for many years that now it is just as likely to be the non-vegans who are deficient in vitamin B12 despite eating animal products.

"A team from the National Institutes of Health, Trinity College Dublin, and the Health Research Board of Ireland found women with low levels of B12 were 2.5 to three times more likely to have a child with a neural tube defect while those classed as deficient in B12 were five times more likely to have a child with a defect."