SDA Rich Omega 3 Echium Oil

 Echiomega echium omega 3 oil for vegetarians and vegans SDA, EPA, GLA, DHA,
London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston Looks at Echium Oil for Omega 3 EPA

The makers of Echium oil rich Echiomega capsules claim their oil is up to 5 times more effective than flax oil at converting to EPA.

A study showed that 1g of Echium oil could be converted into 300mg of EPA.

Meanwhile V Pure has algae based long chain omega 3 fats DHA and EPA

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cyrano said…
"A study"? who? what? when? I have read the original article and this feels like an infomercial "It is said", "some believe". What kind posting is this? Did you check it out?
The study reference is at the bottom of the page on the link

James MJ, Ursin VM, Cleland LG. Metabolism of stearidonic acid in human subjects: comparison with the metabolism of other n-3 fatty acids. Am J Clin Nutr. 2003 May;77(5):1140-5

And yes we have checked it out but is is just one study and if you know anything about research into essential fats you'll have one study say you can get EPA from for instance Flax oil then another say it's virtually impossible (EG flax muffin Study) The author claims that one gram of Echium oil yeilds around 300mg of EPA which is an almost therapeutic level and if mixed with V-Pure Algal DHA/EPA it should be more than adequate even for people considered atopic.

The Echium also has a little GLA too. GLA has been shown to assist the omega 3 conversion pathway as omega 6 and 3 work in tandem and inter reliant.

SDA helps jump the delta 6 Desaturase link in the chain which is often the stumbling point for conversion in stressed out modern man.