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An opportunity to restore the balance between complementary preventative medicine and the present pill for an ill culture that has got us into this outrageous health mess ????

Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "We welcome this opportunity to try to highlight some of the glaringly obvious gaps in modern research. Some of the preventative measures that there's little industry and lobby led profit motivation to investigate properly perhaps..."

"The Food Standards Agency is currently carrying out a strategic review of its nutrition research portfolio and has launched a public consultation, seeking views on the future direction of this work. The consultation responses will be used by an external panel of experts, set up to undertake the review, to inform recommendations.

Professor Mike Kelly of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, is chairing the panel tasked with making recommendations to the FSA about the future content and the balance between different areas of research. This work aims to ensure that the portfolio continues to meet the policy needs of the FSA and is regarded as being value for money.

"The panel has been asked to horizon scan the Agency’s nutrition research needs, taking into account UK public health drivers, the role and remit of other funders and possible collaborations, current funding levels, value for money and key stakeholder views."

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Questions asked in Review

* What do you consider are the key evidence gaps in nutrition for which the FSA will need research to be initiated over the next ten years to meet its short to medium term policy needs? In broad terms, what type and scale of research would be needed?
* Do you consider the FSA to have a unique role in any areas (i.e. there are no other relevant funders) and/or significant role as a funder? Which other funders are key in these areas?
* Given the rising costs of performing research and budgetary pressures, what level of impact, in terms of delivery of evidence needs, do you think the FSA can make as a funder in these areas? In that context, what do you think the priorities and balance of the future FSA portfolio should look like?
* What would be the direct and indirect consequences for the FSA (and more generally) of it not being able to fund research in the identified priorities?