High-protein meals may help overweight burn fat

Hempseeds are 33% Protein
High-protein meals may help overweight burn fat | Science & Health | Reuters
Higher Protein Meals Could Help Burn Fat Faster Say Aussies

Could superfoods such as hulled hempseeds help with weightloss?

In Australia lead researcher Dr. Marijka Batterham, of the University of Wollongong in New South Wales has released details of their research that shows higher protein diets could help obese people lose weight.

Batterham says "Our research suggests that people with higher body fat burn fat better after a high-protein meal than people with lower levels of body fat"

The findings, based on 18 adults whose post-meal metabolism was tested on 3 separate days was published in the journal Nutrition & Dietetics. Their average age was 40 years, eight subjects were overweight, six subjects had a normal weight, and four were obese.

When participants ate a breakfast with one third of calories coming from protein and only a third from carbohydrates the researchers found it was shown that obese subjects could burn fat closer to the rate at which thinner subjects could.

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Foods for Life Nutritionist, London Yvonne Bishop-Weston says “This is no surprise, we use protein to balance metabolism, moderate blood sugar levels and create nutritional sustainability so that you feel fuller for longer. Typically people eat far too many simple carbohydrates and I think this research has a much to do with reducing the ratio of bread used in the control meals as it does with the increased protein. It’s good to see someone doing research into type of calories and metabolism rather than just out dated calorie restriction. This research also proves the basic nutritionist’s premise, everybody is different and need to be treated as individuals.”

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Unknown said…
I definitely read this article a week ago! I'm a vegetarian, and I agree -- when I added a protein supplement to my diet (Nutribody, which is vegetarian and made of brown rice and pea protein), I saw the fat melt away quickly!

I'm not big on tofu, so I think even a supplement will be helpful to others out there.
Stay healthy,