Vegans Answers for Optimum Nutrition?

World Vegan DayVegans May Have Answers to Optimum Nutrition Says Leading Nutritionist, Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Metabolic Inflamation Thwarts Weight Loss

The nutritionist says "researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently revealed in the journal 'Cell' that a diet with too many nutritionally empty calories can lead to metabolic inflammation."

Metabolic inflammation is a chronic, low-grade condition consisting of inflammatory-like responses at the molecular level. It’s thought it has many consequences including causing cellular dysfunction, which can decrease the regulation of several physiological processes, including metabolism. Metabolic inflammation may also be at the core of many chronic, obesity-related metabolic disorders that are so common today.

"In these days of food shortages, nutrient deficiencies, water shortages, energy shortages, environmental devastation, overpopulation and an epidemic of preventable chronic disease it’s even more vitally important that we choose our calories carefully than when Donald Watson first raised these issues 64 years ago when he founded veganism" says Bishop-Weston.

Bishop-Weston goes on to urge us to reduce the amount of calories we in the west soak up from eating nutrient stripped ‘white carbohydrates’ from foods such as white pasta, white bread, processed white rice, cakes biscuits and sugar. She says these are the most likely calories stored as body fat. As the body stores toxins in fat you need to be quite clever to coax your body to break that fat down again.

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