Stem Cells Used to Make Breasts

breast cancer new natural breasts - picture IFATS Series: FGF-2-induced HGF Secretion By Adipose-Derived Stromal Cells Inhibits Post-Injury Fibrogenesis Through A JNK-Dependent Mechanism -- Suga et al., 10.1634/stemcells.2008-0261 -- Stem Cells

Dr Kotaro Yoshimura at the Department of Plastic Surgery, Tokyo University Japan has created new breast tissue from stem cells. It's hoped this could provide an important development for women who have had their breasts removed due to breast cancer. Cynics believe it will just fuel a new craze for a healthier alternative to silicon for a more natural small breasts enhancement.

"This is undoubtably very reassuring" says Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston "but personally I prefer to work on prevention to reduce implicated toxins and checking for a balanced hormone levels to reduce the risks of breast cancer through optimum nutrition"