Home - Homeopathy worked for me

Home - Homeopathy worked for me

As well as a concerted effort by industrial and commercial interests to discredit nutrition therapy and ban vitamins and minerals there is now also a mounting campaign to ban homeopathy too.

If you have ever been successfully helped by homeopathy or know someone close to you who has please sign this declaration >> Homeopathy

Homeopathy to me is like TV would be to a neanderthal - I don't know how it works but it does - I had a skin condition for over 10 years that cleared within 2 weeks of visiting a homeopath. I've seen amazing results on children who are uncontaminated by modern medicine, heard many first hand anecdotal tales and I am as 'sold' as the many farmers who use homeopathy to cure their animals ills (you can't even use the placebo excuse on that one)

The worst they can argue is that it doesn't work - they can hardly argue it's dangerous if they don't believe there is enough of an active ingredient in homeopathic medicine to provoke an immune response.

We would have a problem on our hands if the government believed in homeopathy. Think of the consequences for London. London water is in homeopathic terms a homeopathic toxic poison, a cocktail of drugs, hormones (from the contraceptive pill), and various diseases.

Perhaps the ramifications are just too frightening to allow them to accept it??