Oprah Winfrey Detox Vegan Diet

World Vegetarian And Vegan News: Oprah Winfrey Goes Vegan

Hallelujah! The penny has dropped on another celebrity about the nutritional benefits of plant foods on health. This time it's Oprah Winfrey on a Vegan Detox Diet following a host of other stars inspired by the high profile vegan book Skinny Bitch or Vegan Raw Food Chefs' detox programmes. It's highly unlikely Oprah Winfrey will stray very far from a vegan diet once she's tried it. Once she's discovered all the new delicious foods and dishes she never knew existed Oprah Winfrey will get hooked for sure.

A lot of typical convenient foods seems quite plastic, artificial and unnatural after living on plant foods for a while. Will Oprah Winfrey stay Vegan after her Vegan Detox Diet - we'll have to wait and see.

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