McDonalds Faces Fine in New New York Law

At Fast-Food Outlets: Premature Sticker Shock for the Weight Conscious - New York Times

Mcdonalds face fine for high calories foods in NYC

World's eyes are on McDonalds to see if they comply with new laws put in place by New York that enforces restaurants to display calorie information.

The New York State Restaurant Association, went to court last week to try to block the changes. It argued that the rule was an infringement of the First Amendment, which prevents government messages being forced onto businesses.

However, the judge found that the new rules served the public interest by providing customers with accurate nutritional information.

The Department of Health stated that a district court judge has set Friday, April 25th as the new date for the law to go into effect.

The date the grace period ends has also been pushed to June 6.

If McDonalds don't post calorie information by then there could be trouble.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston, Foods for Life nutritionist London says "Calories are just the tip of the fast food nutritional iceberg but it's a good start. How can people make informed responsible decisions on their health if the information is kept from them? When we shop for groceries the information on basic nutrients is all there but when we eat out we are often choosing in the dark"

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