Baby boy or girl - are what you eat?

research study shows calorie diet can make sex, baby boy or baby girl What are little boys made of? Scientists pinpoint bananas | Science | The Guardian

New research from Scientists at Oxford and Exeter universities suggests what you eat can assist in determining the sex of your baby,increases the chances of having a baby boy or baby girl.

Researchers asked 740 women, who had become pregnant for the first time, about their eating patterns in the year before they conceived. They then divided the women into high, medium and low calorie groups.

They found that 56% of women in the high calorie group gave birth to boys, compared with 45% in the lower calorie group.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston fertility expert from Foods for Life, Nutritionist London says "There are a number of things you can do to increase the odds in your favour of a baby boy or a baby girl including carefully choosing nutrients. However it's dangerous to start enccouraging women to consume more calories or restrict calories before conception. Low fat diets can lead to insufficient essental fats for the baby's brain and eye development or in extreme cases of calorie restriction lead to misscarriage. Many high calorie foods can hinder your ability to concieve. This research was carefully supervised but once the information is diluted into another urban myth it could equally lead to more infertility rather than more aspirational sons and daughters."
- royal society of biological sciences
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