The Bitch Doctor

Nutritionist hit man?. Dr Ben Goldacre - is he GSK's Bitch Doctor?
The Bitch Doctor has won a number of awards for his services rendered - particularly GSK and syngenta

Struggling to achieve anything of any real life changing worth himself, the pseudo professional big pharma / agro chemical lobbyist Bitch Doctor has piggybacked the careers of successful TV nutritionists such as Patrick Holford and Gillian Mckieth to carve a moaning little career for himself as a hit man.

'Dr' Ben Goldacre has secured a slot on Radio 4 in a vain attempt further his quest for the same celebrity status as his targets.

Like the snakeoil salesmen the Bitch Doctor professes to uncover there is an element of truth in some of what he says - enough to get the the likes of Radio 4 to grant him airtime.

But unlike the targets of his huge chip on shoulder uncontrollable ravenous jealousy he offers few solutions for improved health and wellbeing. Whereas others travel the country trying to improve people's lives and educate them about things they can do for free to improve their health he just moans and whines like a little spoilt boy.

It's easy to imagine the Bitch Doctor whimpering to the mirror mirror on the wall "It's not fair that these people are so much more successful than me - I trained to be a proper doctor you know.... they are nasty, there's no evidence they are telling the truth"

Sorry Ben - there are millions of people out there with evidence - such as a recent Food for Life client who'd been suffering for 13 years with IBS and was cured within a few weeks with nutrition therapy.

Whilst Doctors stop people dying nutritionists can stop people suffering. Yes if you suspect you have a life threatening disease then call NHS direct and rush yourself to the nearest hospital. If the MRSA doesn't get you first you've a better than good chance they'll save your life.

If your Doctor says there's nothing much more he can do then call a nutritionist there's always a chance they can help especially with fertility, digestion,Irritable Bowel Syndrome / IBS, hormonal health, stress, skin problems, acne, asthma, eczema, weight management and a host of other conditions they may have told you you'll just have to put up with.

If the Pooh Doctor, The Diet Doctors, the Food Doctor or The Baby Doctor decide they can actually be bothered to sue the Bitch Doctor after all then we suspect his demise won't be mourned by many apart from the 'quackbusting' pharmaceutical industry

Interesting reading about Ben Goldacre here. Ben Goldacre


Blogger said…
"Sorry Ben - there are millions of people out there with evidence - such as a recent Food for Life client who'd been suffering for 13 years with IBS and was cured within a few weeks with nutrition therapy"
Now, Ben annoys me as much as the next person, but again and again he makes the same point - which is that "evidence" means a double blind clinical trial with statistically significant results. It doesn't mean plucking one single result from a casebook and calling it evidence. You can do better. If you do publish this comment and reply, please link to studies showing better outcomes for IBS due to nutritional therapy.
Vegan Chef said…
We "know" we can cure most people diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome because nutritionists do it every week.

Just like the Paratroopers "know" their parachutes will open despite the lack of "evidence" in the form of a double blind clinical human trial with statistically significant results.

There a few problems with clinical trials

1) if you cure people with an IBS diagnoses they say "aha - it was a mis-diagnoses"

2) research generally looks for one drug that can can cure all patients with the same symptoms. Well apart from the fact there are 3 different classified types of irritable bowel syndrome and that most of those are then dismissed as mis-diagnoses, the individual's cause or usually combination of causes are numerous which means that the treatments are varied too.

You could arrange for a selection of patients diagnosed with IBS to go to either a doctor or a nutritionist for healing but who's going to pay for the study.

No one drug is going to work, so no one drug company is going to fund it, so no one is going to get paid so no researchers are going to do the work.

That's the trouble when you treat individual's rather than 'patients suffering from syndrome x,y,z'

It's not one single case, it's millions of single cases it may be tough for someone trained to think in a certain regimented way to get their head around it but hey that's humans for you.

It's not that long ago that Doctor's used to think the earth was flat.

Actually - has anyone seen a double blind clinical trial to prove the earth is round?

Dr Edgar Mitchell may have a theory

Come to think of it I've never seen a double blind clinical human trial with statistically significant results that proves the existence of Dr Ben Goldacre

Is there any evidence he is a doctor or that he even exists? I've only seen single results on this ....anyone?
Vegan Chef said…
Irritable bowel syndrome: A review on the role of intestinal protozoa and the importance of their detection and diagnosis

D. Starka, , S. van Hala, D. Marriotta, J. Ellisb and J. Harknessa

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a functional gastrointestinal disorder in which abdominal pain is associated with a defect or a change in bowel habits. Gut inflammation is one of the proposed mechanisms of pathogenesis. Recent studies have described a possible role for protozoan parasites, such as Blastocystis hominis and Dientamoeba fragilis, in the etiology of IBS. Dientamoeba fragilis is known to cause IBS-like symptoms and has a propensity to cause chronic infections but its diagnosis relies on microscopy of stained smears, which many laboratories do not perform, thereby leading to the misdiagnosis of dientamoebiasis as IBS. The role of B. hominis as an etiological agent of IBS is inconclusive, due to contradictory reports and the controversial nature of B. hominis as a human pathogen. Although Entamoeba histolytica infections occur predominately in developing regions of the world, clinical diagnosis of amebiasis is often difficult because symptoms of patients with IBS may closely mimic those patients with non-dysenteric amoebic colitis. Clinical manifestations of Giardia intestinalis infection also vary from asymptomatic carriage to acute and chronic diarrhoea with abdominal pain. These IBS-like symptoms can be continuous, intermittent, sporadic or recurrent, sometimes lasting years without correct diagnosis. It is essential that all patients with IBS undergo routine parasitological investigations in order to rule out the presence of protozoan parasites as the causative agents of the clinical signs.

Keywords: Irritable bowel syndrome; IBS; Protozoa; Dientamoeba fragilis; Blastocystis hominis

More research in the pipeline on the tools and strategies nutritionists use

Probiotic study

Inflamatory disorder research