Deaths from Superbugs up by 72%

not a super bug c dificile Deaths linked to hospital superbug are up by 72% | Society | The Guardian

Technically not classed as a super-bug bacteria C Dificile that causes chronic sickness and diarrhoea is reaching epidemic proportions and spreading like a virus in modern Britain.

Deaths from the superbug are up by 72% in NHS hospitals claim the latest report. Many other cases may go unreported in healthier people.

What can you do to protect yourself apart from keeping everything clean and avoiding spreading contamination. A Harley Street nutritionist provides some tips.

"There's a fundamental need to protect your immune system by strengthening your digestive system" says London nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston. "Make sure you don't get dehydrated,always drink enough water, have soluble rather than insoluble fibre (oats rather than wheat bran) at least 5 portions of vegetables and no more than 3 portions of fruit per day, for fibre and antioxidants that protect the immune system. A residential strain probiotic to support beneficial bacteria is very useful. There are also specific beneficial micro-organisms which directly supports the immune system in the gut and compete with the harmful bacteria that has been used in the EU for years and is under trial in UK hospitals but is now available from Foods for Life Optimum Nutritionists."

See Nutritionists London for more information. Protect and survive!


Marcie Barnes said…
Wait, isn't "keeping everything clean" part of what creates superbugs??? I'm thinking of anti-bacterial products in particular...