Britney Spears Pregnant

Britney Spears Pregnant With all the important issues we are trying to address it is frustrating when all the world apparently wants to know is - "is Britney Spears Pregnant again?"

Even more frustrating with all the heart breaking stories we come across each week of couples who have been struggling with infertility trying for babies for years without success.

It's hard to blame people for feeling a slight edge of resentment at someone so apparently selfishly self obsessed smoking, drinking, drug taking and breaking all the rules and still seemingly able to churn out babies at the drop of a piece of denim.

However no one can deny that Britney has paid a price for her indiscretions and there is hope for those who find fertility a little harder than ms Spears.

Nutrition therapy can be up to 4 times more success full than IVF or other intervention treatments at less than a quarter of the cost so well worth a try.

See page on fertility for more information.