Dieticians / Dietitians: Are They Keeping Up With TheTimes?

On trial - the BDA

The trouble with the field of Dietetics and Nutrition is that the goal posts are constantly changing as more and more research is conducted in the field of Human Nutrition.

Vitamin D is the new Vitamin C we are told. Anti Biotics can trigger autism. Omega 3 essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA are available from Algae. Eat your greens they are good for you. Sugar is worse than salt. Sweeteners are a neurotoxin and worse still......who do we believe?

This is why the Government has introduced legislation to ensure that dietitians and nutritionists have continual professional development or CPD and that there is a legal minimum definition for the professions. See Health Professions Council HPC

So can you trust the system ? The British Dietetic Association (BDA)spokesperson made a bit of a gaff this week in the Observer.

Perhaps she was misquoted but The BDA spokeswoman said in the Observer that B12 was present in wheatgerm and avocados (both good sources of vitamin E but not B12)and in Soya milks (some soya milk is fortified with vitamin B12 but most isn't)

She also suggested that Quorn was a good source of protein for vegans which had the Observer offices deluged with complaints - Quorn does of course contain eggs. (not suitable for most Indian vegetarians or Vegans)

Ensure that your dietitian or nutritionist is registered with the relevant professional body and ask to see evidence of their latest CPD to establish that they are keeping up with the latest developments in the fields that are important to you.

For the record Chlorella is a reliable source of vitamin B12 (especially if you don't like Marmite) and people on a poor or restricted diet should also consider omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids and DHA and EPA from algae