Seaweed and Algae

Seaweed and Algae The word is that Paul O' Grady will feature Seaweed and Algae on his Show on Friday. He'll no doubt just mix pro greens with water and I can just imagine his face now.


1) Try mixing Pro Greens with the new Hazlenut Rice dream rice milk. It has a fudge-like flavour and it perfectly compliments the algae.If not your cup of tea try different fruit juices

seaweed - shake on your food like pepper and salt 2) If you really don't get on with that there's a new peppery type herb seaweed condiment that you can just sprinkle on your food - from Seagreens "Seagreens® Culinary Ingredient 75g £4.45" They say -"Seagreens® give you a wider daily variety of nutrients than any other natural wholefood, in Nature's most uniform balance. Like our bodies, the oceans
contain some 100 nutrients, needing constant replacement. We harvest the most nutritious wild seaweeds, cutting the plants every few years so they grow again to nutritional maturity. In a benign and ancient way, we recover the goodness which filters through rock and soil to feed the foundation of health and vitality. Telephone 0207 6378436 (Int +44 207 6378436) and quote Practitioner Code Foods for Life ZZYB001 "Seagreens® Culinary Ingredient 75g £4.45"

3)You could of course eat more sushi - the trouble is it usually comes free with hi carb sweetened white rice - miso soup is probably the best option.

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