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Tonight | Episodes | The poison on your plate - ITV News an expose of ESBL E Coli

No real surprise this one. Various health professionals have been warning about the perils of the abuse of anti biotics in animal based foods, meat, milk, eggs and fish production.

Enter one of the world's most dangerous superbugs - ESBL E Coli

What the factory farmers have done is effectively, very effectively, create the perfect breeding ground for superbugs such as ESBL E Coli to develop and mutate.

Meanwhile human over reliance on Anti Biotics instead of preventative medicine - nurturing of our immune systems has provided unprotected victims even amongst seemingly 'healthy' people . This ESBL E Coli bug isn't just killing the elderly, infirm and babies - it's killing seemingly fit young women too.

A Tonight with Trevor McDonald investigation revealed that a new antibiotic-resistant superbug is now causing infections in an estimated 30,000 people in England and Wales a year.

A Tonight source, a senior scientist, says that the ESBL superbug, mutant cousin to the E.coli bacteria that naturally resides in our guts, is fatal in 10% of cases suggesting that it could be killing up to 3,000 men, women and children. This 10% death rate is also backed by a research paper that was presented at a major conference in Chicago last week.

MRSA deaths number 2500 people a year. CJD, the human form of BSE, has claimed 161 lives.

Protect and Survive

Nutritionist London Yvonne Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life says that "it's unlikely to be long before the ESBL E Coli superbug infects most of the meat producers and then people will start passing it around and we could soon see an epidemic."

Apart from avoiding cheap factory farmed animal products Yvonne advises "It's important to maximise the effectiveness of your immune system - eliminate the bad bacteria and ensure you have plenty of the key beneficial bacteria. If your digestive system is allowed and supported to work optimally you have a fighting chance against bugs like these"

Foods for Life offer various tests to analyse the levels of your good and bad gut bacteria, your digestive function and superbug busters and good superbugs to rebalance your gut flora.

Anti biotics, illness even long term stress can dramatically effect your digestive system and immune system. Re balancing by killing the bad stuff and repopulating and supporting the good stuff can help protect you.

See to find out more.

Tonight reporter Jonathan Maitland discovers, the superbug is now marching across Britain and affecting all age group.


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