New Attack on Vitamin C

BBC say Vitamin C 'does not stop colds'

"A review of 30 studies, involving 11,350 people, also found doses of at least 200mg per day did little to reduce the length or severity of colds. " report the BBC.

One has to begin to wonder what and who is behind headlines like these. Reading on we see that Vitamin C does have an enormous effect on the immune system and it's ability to fight colds - between 8% (14% for children) and up to 50% for people who are stressed (well with modern lifestyles taken into account that's about most of us then)

Those are much better odds than many prescription drugs. No wonder they want try to discourage the use of vitamins. After all you don't need to take vitamins, you could get them from food ( if only the food were nutritious enough and your digestive system was working optimally.

The best thing about vitamin C, apart from high doses potential to infamously rapidly cure constipation , no toxic effect has ever been reported.

Dr. Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize laureate who won the top prize both in chemistry and in peace, using high doses of vitamin C to prevent diseases including colds recommended 1 gram / 1000mg per day.

Nutrition experts say you need at least 1000mg per day of high quality digestible buffered vitamin C for therapeutic use - they claim 200mg is purposefully low in an attempt to disprove the potency of vitamin C as an immune system booster.

Vitamin D

New research however shows that vitamin D is also important for the immune system and may be even more effective than vitamin C in preventing colds.

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